If you’re in New City, heading northbound on Main Street at Congers Road, take a glance at the “Hometown Heroes” banner on the corner, to see me, nearly 20 years ago. 

That picture was taken atop the Tal Afar Castle.  The castle was built by the Ottoman Empire, and was my home for the 12 months I served in Iraq. 

There, I lived and worked with the Mayor and the Chief of Police of the 150,000 person city.  

I was the commander of a Civil Affairs team, tasked with training the Iraqi Police, building critical infrastructure in a city besieged by insurgents, creating a city council, and teaching governance to the leaders of the city. 

Governance includes structures through which decisions are made, laws are formulated and implemented, and power is distributed.  Along with the Iraqis, we made decisions, set policies, and implemented processes to ensure the city of Tal Afar could run effectively after US troops left the Ninevah Province.

Good governance is characterized by transparency, accountability, participation, and the rule of law. It ensures that decisions are made in the best interest of the people, that the rights and needs of all are protected, and that resources are managed efficiently and effectively.  Governance plays a crucial role in ensuring responsible management, while promoting trust, stability, and sustainable development.

These are the lessons and experience I will bring to Clarkstown when elected Councilman for Ward One.  I have spent decades learning all facets of governance, leadership, and public administration; and I vow to put my knowledge to work for you, to make the best decisions for Clarkstown and keep it the vibrant, strong community we all love. I will manage our resources prudently, make all decisions transparently and with participation of the public, and protect the rights of every citizen, just as I have done all my life. 

Veteran. Detective. Funeral Director. Advocate. Professor. Volunteer. Father. Husband. Republican nominee for Clarkstown Town Council, Ward One.

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  1. Roy Tschudy says:

    Outstanding service, Outstanding candidate, Outstanding man.

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